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My career in design has been a large roller coaster. When I was a teenager my dream was to become a famous fashion designer. Fast forward through eight years of fashion design school (shout out to High of Fashion Industries and Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts!) – I realized that the only drawback to working in fashion was that I couldn’t help people. I was fortunate to connect with individuals who showed me I could be artistic and help people too. So, I left the fashion industry and started working in nonprofits.


At these organizations, I was introduced to people who did amazing things for others and through telling their stories I was ensuring that we could help more and more people. 15 years later I am now an industry leader with an extensive foundation in all aspects of growing organizations. I have learned how to best tell stories and how to showcase them using print and digital platforms. I have worked with multiple organizations in establishing marketing foundations and branding guidelines.


As a designer, brand is very important to me. I try to learn the driving factors behind an organization’s mission so that they are evident across all materials. From print to digital, I can help create a strategy that will assist in raising awareness of a mission and help all fundraising efforts.


Whether working with external vendors or spearheading projects from A to Z – web or print – I can manage all aspects or editorial calendars and design.  


Click CV below to learn more about my experience. 

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